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On a Natural High Part 2

Say hi to my gorgeous model friend, Katerina Ismail!

To be genuinely happy is all I wish to be right now but sometimes, I forget that I don’t have to have everything figured out this early.


Paolo Nutini, Codecademy, favorite photographers’ blogs, and next week’s trip are keeping me smiling right now. What about you?

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On a Natural High Part 1

Models: Katerina Ismail & Jan Michael Borja
Styling: Juan Samuel Loyola
Photography: Aryann Avenido

Re-edited photos from the fashion editorial shoot we did for our class magazine Pacific. Suddenly made me miss shooting and the people I spent this day with and the feeling of fulfillment after accomplishing one task after another. I miss the days when deadlines never seemed to run out and twenty four hours a day was never enough.


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Good Vibes HERE


Oh My Gulay


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